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Situated in the south to the Yangtze River and at the shore of Tai Lake, Changzhou is halfway between Shanghai and Nanjing, and borders Suzhou and Wuxi to form the Su-Xi-Chang Metropolis Area. Changzhou is an ancient historical and cultural city with the recorded history of 3,200 years. In the late Spring and Autumn Period (547 BC), Ji Zha, the fourth son of King of Wu, Shoumeng[More]
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Changzhou holds Chinese New Year Recepti [03-14]
6 Changzhou products selected into natio [03-13]
13 Changzhou companies among Jiangsu’s [03-12]
Zhongnan Hi-tech Wujin Chuangzhi Yungu p [03-09]
Changzhou to organize 1,500 companies to [03-08]
KTK Group listed on the Shanghai Stock E [03-07]
Changzhou’s 5 companies listed among th [03-06]
Changzhou holds the New Year reception f [03-05]
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Part I of Nationality law of t [04-18]
Rules for the Administration o [01-06]
Provisions for the registratio [11-18]
Part II of Nationality law of [11-18]
Part III of Decree of the Stat [11-18]
Part II of Decree of the State [11-18]
Part I of Decree of the State [11-18]
Law of the people`s republic o [11-18]
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Nandajie Gourmet Street
Catering in Changzhou
Special Local Flavor
The 2016 Recommendations for Food
Famous Dishes in Changzhou
Famous Snacks in Changzhou
The 2016 Recommendations for Hotels
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Five-star Hotel in Changzhou
The Accommodations in Changzhou
Application for Work Permit in Changzhou
Distance to surrounding cities
Train and Coach in Changzhou
Civil Airport in Changzhou
Changzhou City Transportation
BRT Network Diagram of Changzhou
4S Stations in Changzhou
The 2016 Recommendations for Tourist Destinat
Tourism in Changzhou
Main Chinese Festivals
Urban Bicycle Tourism
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Recommended Tourist Routes
Recommendations for Shopping Malls
Souvenir Shops in Changzhou
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Recommeded Beauty Parlor & SPA Club
Insurance in Changzhou
Hospitals in Changzhou
Medical Institutions
Public Health in Changzhou
Drug Stores in Changzhou
Medical Green Card for Foreigners
Institutions of Tertiary Learning
Recommended Nursery and Kindergaten
Junior and Senior High Schools---2
Junior and Senior High Schools
Elementary Schools in Changzhou
Education in Changzhou
With regard to the Recycling issue propo
With regard to another taxi issue propos
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